Connect Healthcare and The IHE Collaborate for More Powerful Survey Data

Connect Healthcare and The IHE Collaborate for More Powerful Survey Data


The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE), a subsidiary of Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC), is proud to announce a new relationship with Connect Healthcare. Powered by the custom research capabilities of PRC and expertise of IHE, Connect Healthcare provides world-class consulting that hospitals and health systems can use to facilitate the application of survey data to improve patient acquisition and online reputation.

“We are thrilled to work closely with Connect Healthcare, known for its expertise in patient experience transparency,” said Dr. William Maples, IHE’s director and chief experience officer. “Together we will guide process improvement for hospitals and health systems around the country by designing collaborative strategies that promote positive outcomes and reflect our clients’ reputations for excellence.”

Connect Healthcare’s ProviderConnections Transparency solution allows a client to feed their patient experience survey data into the system, calculate star scores and have a complete workflow process for reviewing patient comments. Connect Healthcare’s proprietary system also allows for a progressive roll-out of star scores and comments from private invitations for individuals to internal-only groups and ultimately full public transparency. ProviderConnections was built from the ground up with best practices and workflows of organizations that pioneered this movement.

“We are excited about partnering to leverage the research expertise of IHE along with our strong data and process capabilities to help our clients. This will be a powerful opportunity for our clients to not only improve healthcare from the inside but also empower patient decisions in a way never before possible,” said Noel Coleman, President of Connect Healthcare.

Connect Healthcare frequently helps clients build better processes for managing not only data workflow but also the change management needed around cultural issues like transparency. Partnerships with other major health systems around the country have produced dramatically increased unique visitor volume, improved conversion rates, and ultimately online patient acquisition.

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