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The Institute’s Communication in Healthcare

The communication in healthcare curriculum is designed for physicians and allied health staff, and it’s tailored to each audience to provide the most effective learning. The communication skills emphasized are identical for the physician curriculum and the allied health staff curriculum. This allows for every caregiver in the organization to be part of the service experience, have the skills necessary to deliver excellence in service and engagement, and hold each other accountable.

At the core of efficient, safe, effective, and human-centered patient care is strong communication. The Institute for Healthcare Excellence has developed a skills-based communication curriculum aimed at creating an exceptional patient and caregiver experience while simultaneously enhancing value. Core principles of the Communication in Healthcare program are:

1) That it be owned and delivered by physician and allied health leaders within a healthcare organization,

2) That it is relevant to the daily experiences of physicians and caregivers,

3) That it is financially feasible and sustainable.

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