Communication skills connect with patients, improve care

Communication skills connect with patients, improve care

“Communication” is more than a buzzword in the healthcare industry these days. Now, healthcare systems are applying effective communication skills to improve culture and continuously advance the patient experience and the quality of care they deliver.

No one recognizes that more than Chadi Ibrahaim, M.D., and hospitalist at Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan.

“A couple of years ago, I thought ‘patient experience’ was a trend we needed to follow to improve service, but that it didn’t have much impact on the quality of patient care,” he says.

His thinking changed after he completed the Institute of Healthcare Excellence (IHE) Communication in Healthcare program. Beaumont Hospital, Troy, partnered with IHE when the 520-bed community hospital wanted to improve bedside communication and engage physicians and allied staff more deeply with patients and with one another. To do that, leadership focused on creating a culture that recognizes and leverages the value of effective communication.

Physician ownership is essential to improving communication, and Dr. Ibrahim embraced IHE’s Communication in Healthcare as the right fit for Beaumont. “Patients want us to help them, but clearly we had not always addressed their concerns. Practicing the principles we learned through the Communication in Healthcare curriculum has enabled us to connect in ways that inspire trust, which positively impacts patients’ recovery,” he notes.

Dr. Ibrahim feels that he is a better doctor after putting his training into practice. “Before doing this communication work, I knew practicing medicine was important, but it felt like something was missing. Now, there’s no question about it. Patients consistently tell me, ‘Wow, thank you. No one has ever listened to me that way.’”

Find out more about the steps Beaumont Hospital, Troy, has taken to transform its culture by downloading our complete case study, which explores how focused communication can transform hospital culture. If you would like to learn more about how IHE can help your organization develop and sustain a culture of excellence, please contact us.

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