Building trust in healthcare teams

Building trust in healthcare teams

Delivering healthcare efficiently depends on trusted relationships between patients and their clinicians. As doctors, nurses and caregivers move to enhance the experience for their patients, their first challenge is often building trust within their teams.

“The foundation of trust within teams is in the relationships we build,” says Sandra Argenio, M.D., faculty member at The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, and a retired family physician at Mayo Clinic Florida.

Relationships, in turn, are built on effective communication. “Most people we encounter in healthcare want to improve their communications skills, and they answer positively to our question of whether they feel they can improve.”

“People who participate in The Institute for Healthcare Excellence courses plan to use their new skills immediately,” Dr. Argenio says. “They tell us that they’ve already tried and tested the skills at work and at home the next day after they’ve learned them with us.”

Dr. Argenio shares these skills to help build relationships that foster trust in teams: Presence, listening, check-in, gratitude.

“The skills are presented in an experiential, interactive manner,” Dr. Argenio explains. “It makes learning by doing easy and fun. It also shows that anyone can learn something new and add skills to their portfolio.”

Dr. Argenio will expand on ways to build trust during her presentation at the Excellence in Healthcare Conference in Charleston, May 20-22. Come and learn valuable skills that you can take back to your team the next day.

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