As all of our worlds swiftly and unexpectedly changed with the challenge of COVID-19, the entire Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE) team continues to keep healthcare organizations in our thoughts and prayers. We are grateful for the excellent care you are providing and for the selfless generosity you show in helping our nation heal through this journey. With all of the fear, anxiety, desperation, loss, and uncertainty amongst us, it is now more important than ever that we are present for each other, listen to understand, and are aware of the many gifts we experience each day.

Taking time to truly center our attention to the present moment helps us to nurture a culture focused on human connections. Now more than ever is the time when our patients and families need a culture that is rooted in teamwork, trust, and compassion, and where our care providers are maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Tapping into the skill of Presence can be a true gift to yourself and to those you serve.


Tapping Into Our Skills – A Mindful Moment with: Jennifer Krippner – Chief Experience Officer at The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Practice the skill of Presence to re-energize and  keep your focus as you tend to the challenges our Healthcare community faces each day.

Here is a brief video to help you tap into the skill of Presence!



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