Human-Connection amplified by the practice of Reflective Listening

Human-Connection amplified by the practice of Reflective Listening

The practice of reflective listening is an efficient and simple way to amplify positive emotions in human connection, such as curiosity in the listener and validation in the speaker, which often go missing when communication occurs solely for the purposes of information exchange.  Reflective listening is powerful, as it demonstrates a commitment to respect, by allowing the speaker to direct his or her story to its logical conclusion, rather than bending it to the interests of the listener by interrupting or asking questions.

Reflective listening is practiced with 5 simple acts:
1) Be present
2) Use body language to express attentiveness
3) Seek to understand (rather than respond)
4) Allow for the speaker’s full story to unfold without interruption
5) Before asking questions or making comments, summarize the speaker’s story

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