Healing our Healers, Now and After COVID-19

Healing our Healers, Now and After COVID-19

The IHE team continues to think about you and your entire caregiver team as you continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope our weekly messages are supportive and encouraging to you and your teams. We are excited to bring you a Campfire Session hosted by an incredible Marketing firm, Hailey Sault where we shared ways to lead through and support each other so we can all thrive forward during and after COVID-19.


Healing our Healers, Now and After COVID-19


Key Takeaways Include:

  • There was a problem with provider burnout before COVID-19. The virus has only intensified the issue.
  • After this pandemic, leadership cannot ask its providers to come back and perform at their peak. Work needs to be done to care for those who have been operating in survival mode.
  • Leaders must have a proactive plan in place—How will you ensure your teams can heal physically and emotionally? How will you rekindle or create a culture of trust, respect, compassion and teamwork?
  • There is an opportunity to lead your organization through this “noble fight,” as Dr. Maples describes it, with compassion and grace.


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