Valuing Strengths In Times of Turmoil

Valuing Strengths In Times of Turmoil

We have been delighted to work with Vocera Communications and the Experience Innovation Network for the past 10 years as a partner on the journey to humanize healthcare. Their recent white paper, “Leading in Times of Turmoil,” focuses on leadership approaches, essential for our current times. The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE) acknowledges the importance for leadership to act now and also realizes the leadership principles outlined require specific human-centered leadership skills to bring these principles to life. The IHE Human-Centered Leadership curriculum introduces skills to:

  1. Achieve mindfulness of our own humanity and leverage this to create effective teams
  2. Provide “feedforward” allowing individuals and teams to reach peak performance
  3. Connect team members to frequent small doses of positive emotions resulting in individual and team thriving
  4. Communicate effectively forming trusting relationships and connecting team members to purpose

In addition, IHE offers a skills-based curriculum, “Valuing the Strengths of Diversity in Achieving Individual and Team Peak Performance,” which introduces necessary skills for individuals and teams to use diversity as a strength rather than a weakness. Moving beyond mere discussion of diversity challenges to meaningful actions requires specific skills enabling team members to:

  1. Understand how personal and cultural beliefs affect our decision making and how we interact with others
  2. Understand and demonstrate how core communication skills are foundational for culturally sensitive communication
  3. Understand the nature of assumptions and biases
  4. Demonstrate awareness around the existence and impact of healthcare disparity
  5. Understand the richness of diversity as an asset rather than a hindrance in achieving individual and team peak performance

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence looks forward to partnering with healthcare organizations and non-healthcare organizations in your journey to improve culture, trust and respect.


Download the White Paper:

Leading in Times of Turmoil EIN

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