About The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

The signature element of The Institute as it launches will be Dr. Maples’ initiative for improving quality, safety, and, ultimately, the patient experience through effective physician-led communication.

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence is a collaboration of industry experts and thought leaders focused on healthcare improvement solutions to create a culture of excellence. The Institute is led by William Maples, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Institute helps clients create action plans geared to deliver on creating a culture of excellence by addressing their strategic healthcare priorities. The Institute brings industry experts and independent contractors together and provides world-class consulting to healthcare organizations when they need resources outside the scope of research alone, particularly, the implementation of strategies to improve patient experience and patient experience scores.

The Institute will also guide process improvement for hospitals and health systems by collaboratively designing strategies to:

  1. Promote positive outcomes through effective communication among healthcare providers and staff.
  2. Enhance brand positioning to reflect a reputation for excellence.
  3. Deliver HR and organizational development consulting expertise to facilitate physician and employee alignment and engagement which in turn improves the patient, family and caregiver experiences.

The Institute has been created to bridge the gap between the insights PRC delivers through custom research and the operational strategies necessary to turn those insights into actions, improve performance, and raise the quality of care for our client partners.

Through The Institute, PRC can put clients in touch with leading experts in the field who are experienced in both working with PRC tools and assisting physicians, administrators, clinical staff, and others to customize those tools and leadership approaches to address their unique organizational needs.