Connect Healthcare – Client Endorsements

You knocked that training out of the park!!!!!!! We are very pleased with the training you provided to our content managers today. You seemed like a natural. We thought it flowed well and it had the right balance of training-questions at intervals instead of waiting until the end. I think it was good enough that you can add this new skill to your LinkedIn profile. – Pam P.

You, my friend, are the Jimmy Page of Web data analytics!! You have taken a pile of incomprehensible numbers and disparate data, and made it all make sense and seem totally reasonable. The work you did on helping us understand, explain, and re-state the numbers to get to a good place with Google Analytics was incredible. We really appreciate your heroic efforts and everything you did this week. We know it was an unreasonable and monumental task, but you did it with the perfection and precision of the guitar solo of JP on Stairway to Heaven!! – Larry G.

I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how fabulous your support staff has been to us. [We] rely on them quite a bit for their support and to say that they have done a tremendous job would be an understatement. [Each team member] have all played a part to support our team here and again we greatly appreciate them. – Jena J.

Your guys have gone ‘above and beyond’, and as a result my sanity is still in check. – Brett H.