William Maples, M.D., President & CEO

“One of the key principles driving our work is the need to create a culture of excellence for patients and families we serve and for each other. At the core of delivering exceptional outcomes with safety and efficiency is a culture rooted in teamwork, trust, respect, and compassion. Providing our physicians, nurses, and caregiver team with relational skills to build and sustain this culture is critical to our mission. Creating a safe environment for our caregivers to practice these skills with vulnerability ensures deep learning and incorporation of the skills into a clinician’s daily work. Recognizing the emotion in a conversation and responding appropriately before focusing on the science of the situation helps build meaningful and trusted relationships. Through creating a safe space for practicing relational skills, we can tap into the vulnerability of the emotions, make a caring connection – and then our science becomes much more meaningful.”

William Maples, M.D., leads The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE), where he and the faculty work with healthcare organizations to nurture relational skills necessary to create a culture which embraces trust, respect, compassion, and teamwork. This in turn creates an environment where quality, safety, and efficiency efforts flourish.

In addition to creating an exceptional experience for patients and families through relational skills, the experience culture for the caregiver team is enriched. Through this work, physicians, nurses, and the caregiver team reconnect to their deep sense of purpose and restore joy to the practice of medicine. The end-result of the culture-transforming work is a restoration of humanity to medicine. Dr. Maples passion for enriching the experience culture for medicine in a sustainable and financially feasible way is unrivaled.

RELATIONS™ for Healthcare Transformation is IHE’s signature program, reinforcing relational skills as a framework to build the culture of excellence through peer-to-peer training. In addition, the Human-Centered Leadership curriculum provides leadership support for the cultural transformation necessary to restore and sustain joy in the practice of Medicine. Multiple other programs which build upon the skills practiced in the RELATIONS™ for Healthcare Transformation program address individual physician coaching, teamwork, culturally sensitive communication, end of life communication, and transparent adverse event communication.

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Results from multiple healthcare organizations who have participated in the RELATIONS™ for Healthcare Transformation program have demonstrated improved patient experience, improved physician and employee engagement, improved teamwork, improved outcomes, improved safety, and improved efficiency. The return on investment easily surpasses 5:1.

Dr. Maples earned his undergraduate, Masters in Oncology, and medical degrees at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  He completed his residency and fellowship in Medical Oncology at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. Dr. Maples practiced Medical Oncology for 25 years at Mayo Clinic and helped lead the Mayo Clinic quality, safety, and experience journey. He then served as Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer at Mission Health in Asheville, North Carolina where he helped Mission Health navigate cultural transformation and become a leading healthcare organization recognized for its impeccable quality and safety.  Dr. Maples more recently served as Chief Medical Officer of Professional Research Consultants, Inc. Dr. Maples is an Associate Professor of Oncology at the Mayo College of Medicine and Clinical Professor at Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.

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