Employee Engagement

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence is dedicated to creating a culture of excellence in healthcare. Do you need help creating actionable employee and/or physician communication plans? Could your staff engagement use a pick-me-up? Do you need tools and technology to support your employee and physician communication objectives?

PRC employee research identifies the Key Drivers® of culture change that, when addressed, can enhance patient experience, improve quality of care, and increase value-based purchasing reimbursements by deepening employee engagement. Our research provides organizational, supervisory, and team level reports with custom data and reporting tools that help C-suite executives lead change. Get a quote.

How to Improve Employee Engagement

How do you improve employee engagement in a healthcare setting?

Through our research with over 2,000 healthcare partners, we’ve learned that there is one primary indicator of employee engagement: workplace environment satisfaction. In other words, employees who perceive their workplace as excellent are willing to invest more effort in their performance.

Improving employee engagement starts with research. Our high-response employee surveys will help you assess current engagement and workplace satisfaction, as well as possible obstacles preventing employee loyalty. Our services include:

  • PRC Employee Engagement Studies
  • PRC Employee Exit Interview Studies
  • PRC Nursing Retention Studies

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