Value Stream Mapping with superimposed Experience Mapping

Based on the analysis of quality, safety, service, and efficiency metrics, IHE will identify strategic areas throughout the health system that would benefit from redesign. This redesign would be accomplished through Value Stream Mapping where physicians, nurses, support staff and patients review the current state of work flow and create an optimal future state. While the Value Stream Mapping Lean process removes waste from the system and enhances efficiency, Experience Mapping inserts “Always Events” that patients and caregivers identify as critical to creating an optimal healing experience.

Implementing design changes based on patient experience as well as caregiver experience creates buy-in and ownership of the necessary process changes. In conjunction with the RELATIONS™ for Healthcare Transformation program which fosters trust, teamwork, and compassionate care, the redesign of care with superimposed Experience Mapping creates a culture of excellence for patients and caregivers.