By training the trainers inside an organization, instead of temporarily contracting with outside professional consultants, client organizations have the opportunity to build facilitation skills. This helps create sustainability within the organization and allows them to train new employees, conduct refresher courses and ensure these essential communication skills are part of their culture.

The IHE puts the work into the hands of the team leading the institution. We’ve found that learning from colleagues helps break down barriers and creates an environment where physicians accept and implement skills which are introduced.

By improving quality and safety in healthcare through clear and effective communication, we are able to create a culture of trust, compassion and competence that improves the human experience of care.

Skills-based learning is the core element of any transformation into a successful patient-centric system: Effective communication enables physicians and staff to create more meaningful connections with patients, while increasing patient satisfaction and patient engagement, and contributing to improved outcomes.

The Institute believes that communication is the cornerstone to driving an excellent patient experience, creating a culture of safety, and delivering desired outcomes.