Individual Physician Coaching for Communication Skills

There are two components to the Individual Physician Coaching: Individual coaching facilitator’s course and individual physician coaching by IHE faculty.

Individual Coaching Facilitator’s Course

This course is designed to be taught to participants who have already completed the IHE Facilitators’ Five Day training for the Communication in Healthcare course. Participants will learn strategies for individual coaching through the following objectives:


  1. Form effective coaching relationships with learners
  2. Partner with learners to diagnose areas for improvement and develop a strategic plan for improvement
  3. Deliver effective feedback to improve learners’ skills and behaviors
  4. Respond effectively to common challenges in coaching relationships

The course is taught to a small group of learners (3-5) to allow participation in video and simulated situations. The training is 1.5 to 2 days.

After completion of the training, the new coaches will be mentored in actual coaching activities with selected physicians in their organization

Individual Physician Coaching by IHE Faculty

IHE Faculty are experienced coaches working with individual clinicians who desire to improve their communication skills. Individuals selected for coaching will have taken the Basic Communication in Healthcare Course prior to coaching sessions.

Individual clinicians may ask for or volunteer for coaching or may be recommended by their department chair or medical staff.

IHE Coaching faculty will spend 1-2 half days in clinic in direct observation of the clinician’s  patient care activity. Pre-activity sessions will allow the clinician and the coach to set goals. Post-session activities will include feedback and formation of a plan for the clinician to improve their communication skills.