Patient & Hospital Operations

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence is dedicated to creating a culture of excellence in healthcare. Our strategic partnerships can help you improve patient experience. We also offer expertise in compliance, quality, tools, and technology.

Legacy Health Strategies is a leading patient care company offering healthcare organizations a way to improve the patient experience. The company was founded in 2009 and partners with pharmaceutical, medical device and health system clients.

Through education, engagement, and coaching, Legacy Health Strategies’ personalized care model, JOURNEY Learning™ methodologies, and Patient Assessment Technology (PAT)™, guides patients along their health care journey, measurably improving experience, treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Its Case Management training modules are widely used to increase awareness and compliance in both pharmaceutical and medical device initiatives. The Legacy Care Model™ has also been successfully deployed within Clinical Trials and market research studies.

Legacy Health Strategies. Supporting healthcare organizations to reduce treatment abandonment, prevent hospital readmissions, improve adherence and increase patient satisfaction.