Relationship-Based Teamwork

Following implementation of the Human-Centered Leadership and RELATIONS® for Healthcare Transformation (RHT) programs, additional skills-based work to enhance the teamwork across the unit can be considered.


The importance of developing a patient-centered team based culture rooted in trust, mutual respect, and accountability is essential to creating an excellent experience for patients and caregivers. In addition, the creation of a high functioning team will help restore joy and resiliency to the practice of Medicine. The necessary skills to create a highly functioning team include:


  • Meaningful relationship building.
  • Reflective and Active Listening.
  • Effective recognition and response to emotions of patients and colleagues.
  • Structured communication to share important information between team members.
  • Positive assertion to be certain all team members voices are heard coupled with positive reception.


*Several of these skills are introduced in the RHT curriculum. Reinforcing these skills and adding new skills in a multidisciplinary setting will lead to formation of a cohesive team.