Robert Eric Dinenberg, MD, MPH

“To me, the work of healthcare transformation means seeing healthcare through the eyes of the patient – and also through the eyes of caregivers. We bring these perspectives together in a manner that sanctifies healing relationships.

In the future, we’ll see the practice of mindfulness integrated into healthcare, and mindfulness being practiced by caregivers and patients alike. Engaged caregivers will be able to enter into healing relationships with patients who feel supported.”


Robert Eric Dinenberg, MD, MPH is a physician dedicated to coaching healthy lifestyle change for well-being, with a passion for teaching mindfulness for stress management and peak performance. Dr. Dinenberg currently serves as Physician, Health Nucleus in Lo Jolla, CA. Dr. Dinenberg graduated Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, completed his Occupational and Environmental Medicine residency at University of California at San Francisco, and his Masters of Public Health at University of California at Berkeley.


Prior to joining the Health Nucleus, Dr. Dinenberg served patients in private practice for nine years on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, CA, then served as Chief Medical Officer for a population health company for four years, and then most recently, served as Whole Health Physician at the Saint Louis VA. Dr. Dinenberg is a faculty member for the Institute for Healthcare Excellence.


Dr. Dinenberg has published articles in industry journals in the field of health protection and health promotion, has written a book chapter on the health impact of lifestyle and health promotion in Health Promotion in the Workplace, 4th ed., and a book chapter on disability management and prevention in Current Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 5th ed. Dr. Dinenberg teamed with researchers at the San Francisco VA to publish a prospective study on social support and development of post-traumatic stress disorder in the American Journal of Health Promotion titled, “Social Support May Protect Against Development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Findings from the Heart and Soul Study.” Dr. Dinenberg is the author of Mindfulness and Peak Performance: Touch the Ground, Touch the Sky, and produced an iTunes album called, “Guided Meditations with Dr. Robert Eric Dinenberg.” A YouTube clip of his five-minute mindfulness practice has over 1.8 million views.


You can follow Dr. Dinenberg on LinkedIn and Twitter @XplorerEric. Read his IHE blog article.